Anacortes, WA

Our last couple of rides were stunningly beautiful with a crisp on shore breeze.  We left the mountains but we could still see the snow covered peaks... We rode from Marblemount, WA along the Skagit River, West towards the Pacific... The forest was full of lichens and mosses... We hopped on a green tunnel in Concrete (Henry is in this photo)... That took us almost all the way to Burlington where we snuck into town on the levee... On our final, mostly ceremonial ride, we took a few back roads towards Anacortes... And quickly found ourselves riding along the ocean... We reached the bike path that takes you into town... We biked through town and made our way to the beach racing each other up the small hills when we came upon a wonderful surprise... Our friends The Maley's were at the beach with Tibetan Prayer flag

Kettle Falls and Sherman Pass, WA

From Ione, WA we made our way towards Kettle Falls through Colville National Forest... We stopped at Crystal Falls for a snack... And appreciated their request to minimize noise... We rode through the outskirts of Colville... and finished for the day in Kettle Falls. The next day,  we started the climb up Sherman Pass just west of Kettle Falls, WA... The climb started out pretty hot but got cooler, or at least did not get any hotter, as we climbed... We made it to the top,  stayed in the shade, and called it a day...

Ione, WA

We got a relatively early start and hammered towards Ione, WA to keep trying to beat the heat.  We rode along the Pend Oreille River all morning... And peddled through the Kalispel Nation... Where there was a massive Pow Wow facility... While we were riding, Bonnie went for a run along Bear Lake... Towards the end of the ride the heat caught us... In dry eastern Washington... We arrived a little early in Ione and we were treated with snowmobiles racing across the lake....the ones making a wake in the midde are snowmobiles!!! The end of our adventure is fast approaching but maybe not fast enough for some of us...